Living the Good Life

I had always had this notion that the concept of the “best life possible” — of living the “good life” — was real. I never quite qualified it with reasoning or investigation, and just took it as it was. Then one day, hit by inspiration, I decided to do some research on what the living the best life entailed. What I found was that few seemed to have any concrete idea on what the best life was, and those that thought they did had different ideas from the rest.

Everyone’s concept of how life should be lived was different; some promoted material success, while others abhorred it; some praised religion, while others the secular life; some said the best life simply meant being happy, while others claimed happiness was transient and illusory.

And so I stopped for a while, and wondered if asking what’s the best way to live life was like asking what the colour blue was really like — would it all be a matter of semantics and circular arguments?

In the end, I decided that I’d leave this question for another day. Maybe there are just some things that can’t be known.

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