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Back from Taiwan!

I haven’t written here for so long I think it’s probably time for me to write something, eh? Just to let you know (if by any chance you’re interested) I just recently got back from Taiwan where Lix and I got our pre-wed photos taken. You wouldn’t believe how different […]

Flies in Urinals – Truth or Fiction?

I saw the following image online many years ago (well, maybe a couple of years ago), showing how having “flies” in urinals (apparently in Amsterdam) helped ensure that toilet floors stayed clean: Well, apparently it is a fact. At least according to this source (, which verified that flies in […]

Lix Has Gone Overseas

On a business trip. Belgium — can you believe it? Back in a week, it’s probably as short as most business trips go. But still there were many times I think we both felt that it felt like Perth all over again (four months of not seeing each other!) I […]