Back from Taiwan!

I haven’t written here for so long I think it’s probably time for me to write something, eh? Just to let you know (if by any chance you’re interested) I just recently got back from Taiwan where Lix and I got our pre-wed photos taken. You wouldn’t believe how different Lix looked on that day, and if you know her you wouldn’t want to miss seeing her on our wedding day wearing a dress!

Other than the photography, this trip was also for us to chill and relax (well, to a certain point anyway). Lots of walking around, looking at sights, eating, drinking, and plain making merry (wearing contact lenses with lensless spectacles; visiting the hot springs; fun stuff like that — uh-huh).

Overall a very enjoyable trip (perhaps unfortunately so, as Lix is now bugging me to return — no $$$ la).

Picture below taken @ the hot springs (some place with devil or hell in the name, Taipei), with the above-mentioned lensless specs :):

Donn and LiShya @ the hot springs
In many places it actually felt like (and sometimes smelt like) one of the longkangs (canals) you have in Singapore after a hot downpour.

Flies in Urinals – Truth or Fiction?

I saw the following image online many years ago (well, maybe a couple of years ago), showing how having “flies” in urinals (apparently in Amsterdam) helped ensure that toilet floors stayed clean:

Urinal in Amsterdam
Fact or fiction?

Well, apparently it is a fact. At least according to this source (, which verified that flies in urinals do indeed exist.

As I wrote in an earlier post, Lix was going on a business trip. What I didn’t mention was that I sent her off, and just before I made my way home I visited the loo at the Singapore Airport Terminal 3 (a really very good looking airport I must say).

And the urinals had these flies too!

Flies in urinals; Singapore Airport Terminal 3
Flies in urinals; Singapore Airport Terminal 3. Really made me want to hit them with my piss hehe

But as to whether these would pass inspection in an operating room as the first picture in this post suggests about the Amsterdam versions, well, maybe not…

Urine spots under urinal
Maybe too many foreigners who haven't been through the army. I mean, surely our NS boys' aims are better than that?

I’m sure those were detergent marks.

Lix Has Gone Overseas

On a business trip. Belgium — can you believe it?

Back in a week, it’s probably as short as most business trips go. But still there were many times I think we both felt that it felt like Perth all over again (four months of not seeing each other!)

I still remember when she went to Qatar for her last business trip. Also another week-long affair, seeing her after the week we were both asking ourselves, “who is this person standing in front of me?”

Reminds me of the times I look through some old photographs of “me” which I don’t remember — there’s a vague resemblance, but yet again there’s an equally vague strangeness. Is that really me? Was that really me? If it was, is it still the I who I am now?

To Lix: already missing you too! and looking forward to the you of next week 🙂