Back from Taiwan!

I haven’t written here for so long I think it’s probably time for me to write something, eh? Just to let you know (if by any chance you’re interested) I just recently got back from Taiwan where Lix and I got our pre-wed photos taken. You wouldn’t believe how different Lix looked on that day, and if you know her you wouldn’t want to miss seeing her on our wedding day wearing a dress!

Other than the photography, this trip was also for us to chill and relax (well, to a certain point anyway). Lots of walking around, looking at sights, eating, drinking, and plain making merry (wearing contact lenses with lensless spectacles; visiting the hot springs; fun stuff like that — uh-huh).

Overall a very enjoyable trip (perhaps unfortunately so, as Lix is now bugging me to return — no $$$ la).

Picture below taken @ the hot springs (some place with devil or hell in the name, Taipei), with the above-mentioned lensless specs :):

Donn and LiShya @ the hot springs
In many places it actually felt like (and sometimes smelt like) one of the longkangs (canals) you have in Singapore after a hot downpour.

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