Flies in Urinals – Truth or Fiction?

I saw the following image online many years ago (well, maybe a couple of years ago), showing how having “flies” in urinals (apparently in Amsterdam) helped ensure that toilet floors stayed clean:

Urinal in Amsterdam
Fact or fiction?

Well, apparently it is a fact. At least according to this source (trutchorfiction.com), which verified that flies in urinals do indeed exist.

As I wrote in an earlier post, Lix was going on a business trip. What I didn’t mention was that I sent her off, and just before I made my way home I visited the loo at the Singapore Airport Terminal 3 (a really very good looking airport I must say).

And the urinals had these flies too!

Flies in urinals; Singapore Airport Terminal 3
Flies in urinals; Singapore Airport Terminal 3. Really made me want to hit them with my piss hehe

But as to whether these would pass inspection in an operating room as the first picture in this post suggests about the Amsterdam versions, well, maybe not…

Urine spots under urinal
Maybe too many foreigners who haven't been through the army. I mean, surely our NS boys' aims are better than that?

I’m sure those were detergent marks.

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