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Risk vs. Uncertainty (Part I)

I can’t believe I didn’t write about it before today: the difference between uncertainty and risk. I’d originally thought that uncertainty and risk were one and the same. If you’re uncertain about something, about taking some action, and you had to decide whether or not to take that action, it […]

Masks: A poem by Shel Silverstein

I came across a beautiful poem by Shel Silverstein called “Masks”, that reminded me of how we can sometimes go through our whole lives pretending to be someone else, hoping to find like-minded souls but afraid to reveal our true selves.   She had blue skin, And so did he. […]

The NS Man Tribe

For the next couple of weeks (and for the last few days) I’ll be doing my yearly national service. It’s not something I particularly look forward to, but after I’m doing with it I’m often quite thankful for the opportunity to have been able to do it. It’s something like […]