On Computer Games

I sit in GP3 playing Football Manager 2007. I love this game. And it really gets me involved: I feel stress, real stress, as if what I'm doing actually mattered and whether they won or lost would have real-life consequences. But I thought that I'd leave this virtual world alone when confronted with non-virtual realities.... Continue Reading →

Friends in PHP

// Can I can be your friend too? Class Friend { if ($joke) laugh("Jeez, you're funny!"); elseif ($laugh) smile("I'm glad you enjoyed it"); elseif ($cry) comfort("Things will get better"); elseif ($lonely) hang_out("You wanna go anywhere today?"); elseif ($angry) calm(); else offer_chocolate("Want some chocolate?"); } // And so I guess we're friends now? Real_Friend extends Friend... Continue Reading →

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