Back in Singapore!

I have just completed a year of academia in Perth, and am now back in Singapore. Thank goodness for the relatively hot weather in Perth these past few weeks, and the relatively cool, rainy weather we have in Singapore. I recall my last trip back to Singapore in June (Perth’s winter) was filled with buckets of perspiration and too many showers.

The few days before my trip back to Singapore, I went for a road trip, and we covered just slightly over 1,400km! The car was rented from Bayswater, and other than a mix-up with the booking details, which were quickly and painlessly rectified, everything else was great and I highly recommend them for anyone thinking of car rental in Australia.

For the road trip, my friends (three wonderful people) and I went down to Albany (in Western Australia), stopping by Margaret River and Pemberton on the way there. Driving was ridiculously tiring (“Do Not Drive Tired” the sign says… but easier said than done), yet at the same time uber exciting (try overtaking cars on a dual carriageway at close to 140km/h and you’ll know what I mean) — ah, the stress!

It’s a blessing from above (or wherever) that we’re still alive, having escaped unscathed (not the most comforting thing my mom would like to hear, but I’m here, aren’t I?)

The places that we visited were fantastic, but my favourite has to be the Windmill Farm in Albany, which has one of the nicest views of the ocean I’ve seen anywhere. The winds there was so strong you’d feel like if you jumped you’d be blown away.

Okay, that’s about it. I’ve got to look for some jobs now, to occupy the three months I’m here. Adiós.

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