Life Updates

I've been driving non-stop over the past few days. Oh ,and just two days ago I drove into Johor, my virgin attempt at driving in Malaysia! (lalala... like a virgin... for the very first time! lalala...) Okay, please do ignore the reference to the Madonna song above, I'm trying to inject some slapstick humour into... Continue Reading →

No Satisfaction

He wishes to go. He wishes, wishes every day, to go. One day, he is asked to go. He goes. There, he wishes to return. He wishes, wishes every day, to return. One day, he is asked to return. He returns. Man is never satisfied.

Exam Update

I'm mid-way through my exams, with two exams down and another two more to go (next Wednesday and Friday). My previous two exams were Marketing Information Systems (MIS) and Marketing Management (MM). The first exam (MIS) was piss easy, especially after all the preparation I had done. The second (MM) was decent, save for the... Continue Reading →

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