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As she walked away, she looked back at him and saw how sad he was. She had just rejected him, and it was through no fault of his. It was, ironically, that he was almost too good a catch. She felt that she wasn’t ready for a long-term commitment, and […]

Life Updates

I’ve been driving non-stop over the past few days. Oh ,and just two days ago I drove into Johor, my virgin attempt at driving in Malaysia! (lalala… like a virgin… for the very first time! lalala…) Okay, please do ignore the reference to the Madonna song above, I’m trying to […]

Getting in Line, Anyway

She tells him he’d have to take a ticket and wait in line, just like the rest of the guys in front of him. He presses the button, and a ticket comes out. “It says ‘one’,” he says to her, thinking that the number on the ticket he had gotten […]

Back in Singapore

After almost half a year in Perth, I’m finally back in Singapore! I’m still more or less acclimatising myself to the people (including my family, and my cat, who almost couldn’t remember me), as well as to the terribly hot and humid weather. Went for a run this morning, and […]

On Exams and Love

I’ve got one more paper tomorrow, and I’ll be flying back to Singapore after that (on Saturday). The studying mood’s gone, but yes, I know, that’s a poor excuse for not studying, so I’ll be studying still. Many of the Currie Hall people have left already, either flying back to […]

No Satisfaction

He wishes to go. He wishes, wishes every day, to go. One day, he is asked to go. He goes. There, he wishes to return. He wishes, wishes every day, to return. One day, he is asked to return. He returns. Man is never satisfied.

An Imagined Love

She entered. She looked at me and smiled. “Hello,” she said. Up the stairs she went, and my eyes followed. I thought I saw her take a peek back at me. Had my eyes lingered too long? Does she know? As she advanced up the stairs, she disappeared from my […]

Exam Update

I’m mid-way through my exams, with two exams down and another two more to go (next Wednesday and Friday). My previous two exams were Marketing Information Systems (MIS) and Marketing Management (MM). The first exam (MIS) was piss easy, especially after all the preparation I had done. The second (MM) […]

My Secret Wish

Make me a star; let me know I mean something to you; show me some sign that I’m more than the ‘others’ who come and go in your life; enlighten me as to whether or not you think I’m special. mention me in your blog.

Big Dreams

She was born into a family of giants. And a giant she is soon to be. Giant-in-training, that is her, The next giant is gonna be she. They say whoever marries her Would have to be a giant too. That person would be a giant, A giant he would be […]