An Imagined Love

She entered. She looked at me and smiled.

“Hello,” she said.

Up the stairs she went, and my eyes followed. I thought I saw her take a peek back at me. Had my eyes lingered too long? Does she know?

As she advanced up the stairs, she disappeared from my line of sight, and made her way down into my imagination, where my thoughts on her continued.

How I wish she knew what I thought about her. But then again, how glad I am that she doesn’t.

Love is funny that way, in that you never really know what you want.

And it’s even funnier when you really think about it, and realise that not knowing what you want is — oddly enough — really what you want.

It’s a joy in pain, in suffering.

2 thoughts on “An Imagined Love

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  1. Dearest Mr. Writer,

    I’m guessing you’re a guy cause all your writings are for a particular girl. But whatever the case, I love reading your writings esp the poems. Could you write more poems? ;p

    Is this a blog? If it is, i think this is the best blog I’ve ever read. I’ve never sat for more than an hour just to read about people’s feelings and their personal life but I don’t know what forces made me click on one of the titles and ‘pop’, your blog thingy came out and I actually read it.

    It’s really amazing how a man can express his thoughts into writings. Usually men just keep everything to themselves. But you give me a different perspective on how one should view a man and how much a man can love a woman.

    Nice. Good Job. Love it! JIA YOU!

    Yours sincerely,

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