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Do you really want that promotion?

Have you ever asked yourself if you really wanted to move up the career ladder? I had always thought I certainly did; that is, until I chanced upon some interesting commentary on moving up the corporate ladder in the book Everyone’s Business on Getting Ahead by Gorden Wells You work […]

Borders Singapore Coupon

This is a limited-time offer for the Borders book store, Singapore (until 30 July 2009). Buy two books for 20% off, or buy three for 25% off. Just thought I’d share. Get the coupons on here. I’ve used these Borders coupons before and they’re definitely legit. As far as I […]

Bing Donn Lee’s Star

You ask yourself if having a domain name, specifically, actually creates more stress than necessary. Didn’t you just go to to do a search on “donn lee” realise that it didn’t contain any results linking to your webpage? And didn’t this little thing cause you to start feeling […]

320 Books at Age 9

I was sent an e-mail today promoting Adam Khoo’s I Am Gifted program. In it contained a testimonial from a girl who, at age 9 had read 320 books, apparently something made possible only after she participated in this program. Imagine sending your children through this program and having them do […]

Knowing the Full Story

Our meeting was at 2.30pm. Literally seconds before I was going to go over she called, and told me that she had to postpone. “I have one more quote to do,” she told me in a harried voice, “give me thirty minutes.” This meeting had gone off to a bad […]

Wedding Ang Pow Calculation Table

The girlfriend sent me this Ang Pow Calculation table today. I wonder if it’s supposed to be some subtle but not-too-subtle hint. (To the girlfriend: If it is, I’m not getting it, I swear.) The calculation used in the calculation of how much to give as “Ang Pow” is pretty […]

Clutter: The Beauty of Less

Stuff I didn’t need nor use lay strewn across my room, on my table, floor, and shelves: books I hadn’t read in ages and some I hadn’t read at all; souvenirs from a trip that wasn’t particularly interesting, and that I didn’t even go; exercise equipment I didn’t use; keys […]

My Work Life

I suppose it hasn’t really been kosher for me to have avoided talk about my work life thus far. Most of you probably don’t even know what I’m working as or where I’m working at. Well, I’m currently working as a business analyst for an electronic components distributor. The job […]