My Work Life

I suppose it hasn’t really been kosher for me to have avoided talk about my work life thus far. Most of you probably don’t even know what I’m working as or where I’m working at.

Well, I’m currently working as a business analyst for an electronic components distributor. The job largely entails the generation of reports, the maintenance of point of sales (POS) and customer relationship management (CRM) data, and occasionally acting as the middleman between the marketing and IT functions.

Though, like most jobs, it has its really mundane tasks (some reports have so little structure and require so much flexibility as to make automation nearly impossible, requiring plenty of manual intervention), many parts of this job have had me thinking if perhaps I should be paying them to do it (I never knew I would ever learn, and actually enjoy, programming in Visual Basic).

But even then, I can’t say I see myself doing this for the next five years. I’ve always been keen to go into freelance work or starting entrepreneurial ventures, and finding and landing this job hasn’t quite changed that. Though I’m getting used to wearing business attire (especially with the beautiful ties LiShya got me from Australia), I still don’t quite see myself as a salaryman, chained to the rigid rules of the corporate world.

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