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Saucony Singapore Passion Run

Update: My Saucony Passion Run: I have run the run! Read all about it here! I thought I might highlight to all runners (or otherwise) out there that the Singapore PAssion run is coming up on the 24th of May. My sis had actually brought this up to my attention, […]

Heaven as a Moral Hazard

I StumbledUpon this image of a man unicycling across two cliffs at and it reminded me of my insurance exams. As some of you may know, I’ve been taking insurance exams conducted by the SCI (Singapore College of Insurance) in order to hold the qualifications to be a licensed […]

Right or Wrong, 对还是错?

In light of certain events occurring in the lives of a close friend of mine, I would like to quote author Zhang Xiaoxian <>: 在对的时间遇到对的人是一种幸福, 在对的时间遇到错的人是一种无奈, 在错的时间遇到对的人是一种悲哀, 在错的时间遇到错的人是声声叹息. Roughly translated, it means: Meeting the right person at the right time is a blessing; Meeting the wrong person at the right […]

You Gave a Rose

I was met with an advertisement today on Facebook that told me that I had been given a “rose” by “You” (read: myself). I was then told to “Click to do something back.” Can’t believe the originality of automated ads.

Being Close to Greatness

A couple of days back I read a newspaper article in the Straits Times describing the way Liverpool beat Real Madrid 4-0 in the UEFA Champions League. Besides the hugely unexpected scoreline, another thing about that article had caught my eye: the clever way the writer praised the performance of […]

Prayers from Afar

Just yesterday I was told by LiShya that I was mentioned in the grace before her dinner. Here’s a huge shout-out to Josephine, Christie and Esther who led the prayers: thank you! To think that even while 3900 kilometres away and months since I had last seen you guys and […]

Aspiring to be an Entrepreneur

I picked up a book written by a Malaysian entrepreneur (Sim Quan Seng) called Drinking Coffee, Telling Stories & Making Money a couple of days back. In one of the chapters the author — who appears heavily influenced by Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad — laments the […]

Your Ultimate Mission

Reading The Power of Story (by Jim Loehr) has made me think long and hard about the true purpose(s) by which I live my life, especially the chapter on finding my life’s “ultimate mission”. The premise of the book is that we all have some story about ourselves, and this […]