Good thing, bad thing: Or no such thing?

I’m currently reading the book Why Good Things Happen to Good People by Stephen Post and Jill Neimark. There is a passage inside this book that I wanted to share with you, with regards to the issue of respecting others:

[S]cience fiction writer Mary Doria Russell once said in an interview, “What seems like bad luck at one point in our lives can turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to us. And what seems like a wonderful thing can be a nightmare. My belief is, the story isn’t over until it’s over. Often events and decisions echo for centuries, and even millennia; they have unimagined consequences that can show up long after everyone has forgotten about them. Whether an event is ultimately a good or bad thing depends on when you decide the story has ended. To use a Christian example, the crucifixion of Jesus was bad news on Friday, but by Sunday, it became good news.” As Russell notes, we mostly live in that metaphorical Saturday in between — when we’re not sure about the right step on the road to a happy ending, and when we know that Sunday may bring a whole new interpretation. Acceptance, of ourselves and others, is therefore crucial.

We cannot judge others for nothing is never always right or wrong, good or bad — what may be wrong one day might actually turn out to be good on another.

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  1. first time at your blog, stummbled upon it. but I like it! And I agree with that last post. It sort of goes with my life philosophy, not to chase my dreams but to let them happen, don’t pursue a goal but live life to the fulliest.

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