How do you start a blog?

I was asked by a colleague how she could start a blog.

Wasn’t too sure.

“I suppose,” I said, “you just write.”

“Write about what?” she asked.

“I don’t know. About anything you want to write about, I guess.”

Then she asked, “where can you write?”

I told her she could try some free sites. Like, which is where I host my own.

“Or,” I said, “you could try LinkedIn.”

“LinkedIn?” she asked, alarmed. “Wouldn’t everybody know then that you wrote that?”

“Well, yes,” I said, a little perplexed. Then I realised she was thinking of writing anonymously. “You can use WordPress then. Nobody’s going to know; nobody has to know.”

It got me thinking though – writing publicly is quite scary, sometimes. You’re putting stuff out that people actually see or can see.

But, at the same time – it’s really good fun. I mean, you’re putting stuff out that people actually see or can see!

Stop worrying so much. Just write!

A little aside…

I know it’s probably not good form – but I really enjoy reading my own stuff. Sometimes when I’m feeling a little bored, I randomly google stuff with “” to see what comes up, and read the articles that show up in the search. Like “ running” or “ love

I’d read stuff that I’d long forgotten I’d written, and just wonder how brilliant the author is; how on the same wavelength we are. I mean, how many people write articles comparing digging holes to running; or how good or poor a life is really depends on when we stop asking whether it’s good or bad?

Forgive me, but I’m going down the rabbit hole for the next couple of hours 🙂

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  1. Haha I thought he might! But it was surprisingly someone whom I never had expected would even *think* about starting a blog in a million years!

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