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Comparison Shopping

“You know something?” he asks her. “What about?” she replies. “I was feeling a little bored today, so I went onto eBay and had some fun comparison shopping.” “Okay. So what’s so special about that?” “I decided to do a search for you.” “Uh-huh… and?” “And… I found nothing.” He […]

She Looked at Me

And I said, “You know, life’s so complicated now. It’s like, there’s so many things happening — there’s just so much sh*t. But you know what? I like it this way. Imagine if all this hadn’t happened, life would be so… uninteresting. You know what I mean?” She nodded. I […]

Psyching Out an Opponent

I would just like to share with you this passage I came across in a fantastic book I’m currently reading, called Winning – The Psychology of Competition, by Stuart H. Walker: Provocation and intimidation may effectively neutralise some competitors. Evoking guilt feelings may be more effective with others. Some of […]

On Needing Solitude

Solitude is something I haven’t had for a very long a time. Staying in a place like Currie Hall (a student hostel just off the University of Western Australia) has meant that I have found very little, if any, time and/or opportunities to be alone. Solitude, for me, is a […]


I came across an article called Why Career Planning is Time Wasted. It takes an interesting look at our abilities in predicting our future wants. This article introduces this term called “Miswanting”, used to describe how we may wrongly predict what we want in the future. It occurred to me […]

Rivercruise 2007

Went for some event called “Rivercruise” last week, organised by Currie Hall (UWA). There was some pretty wild dancing and drinking and having fun (and yes, I know fun’s relative). I wasn’t intending to post any pictures, nor am I intending to, but here’s some links to it. Wei Hao’s […]


How odd. The closer I got to her, the less I seemed able to comprehend the person she was. The more I knew about her, the less I understood. And that led me to want to get away; away from her; away from all she stood for. The unknown in […]