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There he stands surrounded by people.
There he stands talking; joking; laughing.
There he stands, feeling more alone than ever.

Categories: Poems

Donn Lee

I love to read and write. Professionally, data science, technology, and sales ops are my thing. In my non-professional life, I aspire quite simply to be a good person, and encourage others to do the same. For those who care, I test as INFJ/INTJ (55/45?) in the MBTI.

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  1. That’s the thing about loneliness, you know? It doesn’t matter that on the outside someone looks happy. You can never tell.

    It’s what’s on the inside that matters; and what goes on in the inside, being so personal, is almost never shared with anyone else.

    I was just thinking about this the other day, while chatting with friends. The talk was all superficial, you know what I mean?

    All “you heard about…” or “you know about…”?

    I had suddenly wanted to get away from it all; to disappear. But I couldn’t. I felt horrible inside.

    And yet, there I was…


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