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Reaction Testing

And there he sat, looking at her, wondering if he could tell her what had been residing in his heart for so long. “How would she react?” he thought. “If you’ve got something to tell me,” she said, “just tell me. Don’t bottle it up!” This was it. He knew […]


I’m feeling so tired now, and yet, I refuse to sleep. Every time I lay on the bed and close my eyes, I think about all the other things that I could be doing. It’s the opportunity cost of sleeping that’s getting to me. I just cannot stand giving up […]

The Girlfriend and the Close Friend

And so, one day, you decide to get romantically involved with some girl. For the first few days, weeks even, everything goes great. Your friends are happy for you, some ecstatic even, and they congratulate you on your new-found love. But due to your commitments to this new-found love, you […]

Looking Toward the Future

I have neglected this website for quite a while now. The reasons, I am sure, are probably many. Probably, I say, because I, myself, honestly find it hard to pin-point an exact reason why, and when I do, I find it isn’t very accurate or true at all. Self-Censorship? But […]

On Writing

It’s been ages since I have last written here. Going through the history of this site, I think that there’s a sort of pattern that I can follow. During the more active times of my life, I tend to write quite a bit less, and during the times of my […]

Exam Results are Out

Ooh! The examination results are out! To think that they’d actually release the results early (this being Australia and all). I did fairly well. Ok, I did WELL beyond what I had expected, and even better than last semester! And it seems my friends did pretty well too, heh, so […]