Reaction Testing

And there he sat, looking at her, wondering if he could tell her what had been residing in his heart for so long.

“How would she react?” he thought.

“If you’ve got something to tell me,” she said, “just tell me. Don’t bottle it up!”

This was it. He knew that though his telling her what was on his mind probably wouldn’t upset her, it would cause her to think of him in a different light. His current thought was what you might call, weird, as much of his thoughts were.

But this was bordering on the wrong side of ridiculous, and he didn’t want her to think him mad.

“Hell, if she wants to be with me,” he thought, “then she’d accept me as who I am, weird thoughts and all.”

And thus, it goes, he tells her what was on his mind.

She looks at him, face scrunched up in wonderment, and punches him in the arm. And laughs.

Inwardly he heaves a sigh of relief, while outwardly, smiling with a cavalier air, he pulls her close and laughs with her.

The reaction recorded, he knew he could be himself with her from now on.

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