Parkour in Singapore?

Yesterday I saw an ad by StarHub for a parkour-inspired run they were organising and it got my heart racing! Called “StarHub Urban Freestyle“, it is according to them (and as far as I know) the first ever parkour-inspired run organised here. The first thought that ran in my head was that this was too cool to miss; the second thought was that I had to get Wei Hao to join me in running it — I remember our parkour-inspired stunt back at Currie Hall that left him with a barcode-tattoo-like scar on his arm (is it still there I wonder?)

But upon visiting their website, I realised that the likelihood of it turning out to resemble a really lame children’s playground was pretty high. I mean, this is Singapore — though not a very litigious society prone to lawsuits, nobody really dares take any sort of risk especially where safety’s concerned. Anyway, if you’re into this sort of thing, do check it out. And for those who have no idea what parkour is, please take a look at the video below and prepare to be inspired! (Don’t blame me if you get hooked!)

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