Constant and Never-Ending Improvement

I don’t know if you know about this term, it’s from Anothony Robbins. CANI stands for Constant And Never-Ending Improvement.

What is success? Is there an end to success? Well, in most books and articles I have read so far, success can be anything and everything! And often times it is the achievement of one’s goal. But what if one reaches that goal? Then one sets another one, and another, and another. Success seems…well…like something unachievable! Then isn’t attaining success awfully hard?

Well, one way we can define success such that it is to constantly improve in everyway, everyday. It might be improving relationships, or improving economically, or even improving physically. It might also mean improving our spirituality, or our service to community.

Every single day, improve, even if just a bit, even if it means eating one less potato chip, or jogging an extra 200 metres, or giving (more) money or time to the less fortunate, or more talking to family members/friends…just about anything. Just improve in some way, every single day. As you improve, you will prove to be a man (or woman) of greater value, every single day.

Every day you will wake up, and wonder how you might improve. Wonder what the things that you might do even better than before. Constant and never-ending improvement — success is not a goal, but a life-long journey.

Remember, you are either going up (improving), or going down (worsening!). Improve everyday! even if just a little…Read Anthony Robbins for some great life lessons!

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  1. My life has really changed as I’ve applied this concept. I am improving in so many fields day-by-day. Thanks CANI for the GREAT favor!
    Note: I believe that the 1st CANI concept was introduced by ISLAM’s prophet,Mohammed peace be upon him, he said: “Best work is the continious work no matter how tiny it is”.
    All muslims know that well even though they may never heard about Robbin’s CANI.

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