Feeling like a Retiree

I’ve been back in Singapore for about half a week now, and I must say that I feel absolutely like a retiree — but one that hasn’t got much of a clue what to do.

During the exams itself, there was much to do: which is just about anything that doesn’t involve studying. Now that the exams are over I’m feeling pretty aimless, and lethargic, and totally unmotivated to do just about anything.

I have decided to catch up on some reading, but even then these reading episodes don’t last as long as I’d have liked them to. And another problem: I’m not too sure what to read.

I suppose one of the things that I probably should do is to find out what I want out of life. I want to live my life such that when it comes to times like these, where I do not have any clear “external” goals, I’ll still have something to work toward.

Something intrinsically worth working hard for: I think that’s what I’m looking for.

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