Dear God

Dear God, Give me someone to love. I'm talking romantic, butterflies-in-stomach, Sleep-losing, appetite-destroying love. Conditionally Loving Always, Donn PS: Otherwise, I'm never going to Church again.

Does IT Matter?

I'm currently reading a book called Does IT Matter?, by author Nicholas G. Carr. It basically talks about how IT's competitive advantage has been corroded through the commodatisation of IT. IT as a Commodity I had never thought of IT in this way consciously, of IT as a commodity. When we talk of IT as... Continue Reading →

Marketing Text

I was reading through my Marketing text when I came across this: ... as when Johnson & Johnson targeted the adult market with its baby powder and shampoo, or Baileys Irish Cream targeted the 19-25 singles segment with its positioning as a 'sexy' drink. Johnson & Johnson's marketing campaign included the use of videos of... Continue Reading →

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