Midnight Studying


It’s close to midnight.

A cup of Kahlua Coffee sits in my tummy, doing its best to burn through my stomach lining.

Too much Kahlua, too little coffee — an accident, I swear.

I’ve got a mid-semester test coming up next week.

I’m studying — reading my text.

“How does a VPN work?” it asks.

I try to answer: “through the use of encrypted… communication lines…” but stop at that.

I don’t know.

Who gives a f*cking sh*t how a VPN works?

Suddenly, a familiar voice from outside finds its way past my door, and into my ears.

It’s her. My mind drifts.

The text disappears before my very eyes.

Oh Jesus f*cking Christ, concentrate!

I try once more. “VPN is…” but there it goes again, the voice.

It’s her.

So I like her, so what?

It’s just a f*cking phase…
I’m sure it’s just a phase…

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