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ICT Coming Up

Hi people, I’ll be away on in-camp training for the next two weeks. Not particularly looking forward to it, but it may prove to be a nice respite from work (who knows). Will be in Singapore for the first week, but will be in Tekong for the second. Will be […]

Air Supply Concert

I went with the fiancée to an Air Supply concert last Sunday. It was my first concert (her second), and up till now I still don’t quite know how it all happened. I remember seeing the ad for the show one day while watching television, thinking “hey, they’ve got one […]

Happiness Doesn’t Lead to New Writing

I’ve always felt that my best pieces of writing were written in times of melancholy, sadness, or anger — generally negative feelings you’d want to avoid. During the better times, those good but not great times, writing doesn’t come quite as readily. Perhaps it’s because life keeps you satiated with […]

The New

When I get or experience something new, I always try to make it feel Like it’s not as soon as possible, So that it’d be like I’d always had or experienced it; Like it’d never been away. I guess it’s because A “new something” is fleeting While a “something” lasts […]