Air Supply Concert

I went with the fiancée to an Air Supply concert last Sunday. It was my first concert (her second), and up till now I still don’t quite know how it all happened. I remember seeing the ad for the show one day while watching television, thinking “hey, they’ve got one song she really likes and plenty that I like, I wonder if she’ll be interested.” I really can’t really recall any other concert (other than perhaps Michael Jackson) whom we’d both be interested in going to.

And even if it wasn’t that she was interested in watching Air Supply per se, I think the novelty of my actually suggesting that we go to a concert would’ve shocked her into saying yes anyway. I know few who are more tight-fisted about money than me, and my shelling out more than a hundred bucks for two hours of entertainment is quite extraordinary. She wasn’t going to give up this opportunity.

The concert was held at Resorts World Sentosa. We made our way down a little earlier than what we thought necessary in order to take a look around (since it was the first time either one of us were there), but in the end by the time we managed to find the convention centre (this place was huge) it was close to the time the concert was supposed start.

We took our seats  on what she called “50 cents seats” — because they looked so cheap — and quickly got down to the business of snapping photographs to capture the moment. Scanning around the hall, we realised we made a pretty good purchase with our $128 seats: straight down the centre and not too far as to have to require binoculars.

Before the concert started, I must admit that I was worried I’d brought her to show she wouldn’t enjoy. But once the show started, and “Two Less Lonely People in the World” started playing, I knew there was no doubt as to her enjoyment. Good show!

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