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When things look easy

I’ll start with a quote I read today from the book Getting Ahead (Garfinkle, 2011) about a problem faced by people good at their craft. It made me smile because I this was the first time I’d seen it brought up anywhere and which I thought was one of those […]

On antifragility and new stuff

Taleb once again scores with me with his book on “antifragility”. Like his book on randomness and black swans, this book has opened my mind to a concept that I’ve intuitively felt but never been able to put down in words. I wrote once about “destroying things” to love them […]

The Wheels on the Bus

Night beckoned; the bat’s dawn. The moon’s out; the sun’s gone. Life retreats; life begins. Hidden virtues; hidden sins. Then the wheels on the bus bursts into my head like a mad man opening fire at school children for no reason other than that he’s opening fire at school children […]

Back from ICT

Well guys, I’m back from ICT, and I’ve got the IPPT Gold to boot! 🙂 Training’s paid off handsomely, worthy of a little celebration. Now on to the AHM (Army Half Marathon) in September. Hope that’d go just as well.

It’s 2011, people

Happy 2011 to everyone! It’s a new year, and it’s time for a new you, too, don’t you think? Set it down to make this year your best year yet. What do you hope to achieve? Write down your goals, then write down the steps that will get you there. […]