Long Distance Running

I’ve recently gone back to regular long distance running, having averaged more than 20km per week in the last month, and even had a couple of 90 minute runs. I haven’t done this since before the pandemic, so it’s a pretty big deal for me. Before the pandemic these would be “medium” runs, and most of my “medium” runs now would be considered “short” back then.

Running long (again) has reminded me of why I love running so much. It’s often a very contemplative time, where thoughts meander from parenting to work, to friends and family. You start thinking about things you don’t normally think about in the busyness of day-to-day living.

I’ve also gotten many ridiculously good insights during my run; I’ve solved numerous analytical questions that stumped me for hours (days!) on end while in front of a computer, and brainstormed — yes, with myself — great answers for job interviews that I had coming up.

It’s also funny how running parellels life: it’s an objectively ridiculous activity (where you running to, friend?) that works you to the bone but that at the end of it has no intrinsic meaning.

And yet you do it anyway just because. Three times or more a week. Crazy right?

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