Download Wolf3D

If you’re interested, there’s this site which has lots of interesting Wolf3D things, including Wolf3D for the Mac! Included are additional custom levels and such. Visit the site now!

Wolf3D Cheats

At any time during the game, press “ILM” at the same time. You will receive 100% health and full ammo (including the almighty chain-gun!). Caution though, as your score will be reset to zero once you use this cheat! Happy cheating!

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  1. it’s the three keys pressed together at the same time, and not a word you type out.

    I ordered the letters in the way they’re arranged on a typical QWERTY keyboard, from top to bottom.

  2. I love this game. It remind me on the old days when I played for hours, trying to find the wey through the labyrints. I thouth the bosses were scary.

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