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ICT Coming Up

Hi people, I’ll be away on in-camp training for the next two weeks. Not particularly looking forward to it, but it may prove to be a nice respite from work (who knows). Will be in Singapore for the first week, but will be in Tekong for the second. Will be […]

Air Supply Concert

I went with the fiancée to an Air Supply concert last Sunday. It was my first concert (her second), and up till now I still don’t quite know how it all happened. I remember seeing the ad for the show one day while watching television, thinking “hey, they’ve got one […]

Parkour in Singapore?

Yesterday I saw an ad by StarHub for a parkour-inspired run they were organising and it got my heart racing! Called “StarHub Urban Freestyle“, it is according to them (and as far as I know) the first ever parkour-inspired run organised here. The first thought that ran in my head […]

They Made Fun of Her

Just read a chain letter sent to me by the future wife’s sister. Apparently, if I didn’t repost this, Then Carmen will get you, either from a sewer, the toilet, the shower, or when you go to sleep you’ll wake up in the sewer I’m not too sure why, but […]

Going to the Zoo Tomorrow

I tried getting the corporate pass to the zoo today but was told that it was all taken up for the month of February. Thankfully the fiancée’s company has the pass to the zoo too, and hopefully she’ll be able to get one in March. Then we can finally sing […]

I Got an Olympus E450!

I just thought I’d like to announce that I had gotten myself a new digital SLR. It’s the Olympus E450. Though initially not too thrilled about its lack of an image stabaliser, and seriously considering trading up to an E620 that does, after using it a while I’ve taken quite […]

Wedding Ang Pow Calculation Table

The girlfriend sent me this Ang Pow Calculation table today. I wonder if it’s supposed to be some subtle but not-too-subtle hint. (To the girlfriend: If it is, I’m not getting it, I swear.) The calculation used in the calculation of how much to give as “Ang Pow” is pretty […]