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The Cloths of Heaven

One of my best friends got married over the weekend. The first of my close friends whose wedding I attended, and it might be a little unmanly to say it but I was actually quite moved by it. Last night, as I was reading through the compendium of beautiful poems […]

Multitasking and conversation don’t mix.

I came across this article (pictured below, with text typed out for your convenience) while browsing through the magazine Psychology Today while at the library this afternoon, regarding why one may feel not truly listened to when the person whom you’re talking to seems to be doing something else, even […]

“Why do you love me?”

Because the sky is blue and the grass is green. Because ice cream is cold. Because some roads are paved. Because I sneezed. Because flowers are beautiful. Because the sun is out. Because you are you; and because I am I. Because. That’s why.   Happy Birthday Lix!

Lix Has Gone Overseas

On a business trip. Belgium — can you believe it? Back in a week, it’s probably as short as most business trips go. But still there were many times I think we both felt that it felt like Perth all over again (four months of not seeing each other!) I […]

The Lost Pencil

Where’s my pencil?! Someone stole my pencil She screamed. Cursed thieves, stealing Her pencil, I thought To myself. Where is my PENCIL she asked Once more But only An empty silence Replied. Around she went, Searching for her lost Pencil. No one saw it, she Sighed. And I signed With […]

Fiancée’s in Qatar

And I’m pretty sure she’s thinking of me ‘most every minute of every day. Just like I am of her. And I’m pretty sure she’d love to read this as much as I’d love her to read it as she’s sitting in some boring meeting, dreaming about the weekend coming […]

Happiness — a state of mind.

It’s been a week since I completed my two-week in-camp-training (ICT) stint. For those two weeks, I complained to everyone who would listen how much I disliked it, and how I couldn’t wait for “normal” life to resume. I can imagine how stupid I’d sound if I said now how […]

The New

When I get or experience something new, I always try to make it feel Like it’s not as soon as possible, So that it’d be like I’d always had or experienced it; Like it’d never been away. I guess it’s because A “new something” is fleeting While a “something” lasts […]