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On Being Good

I just read a parable on being good in a Buddhist text (given to me by my wonderful fiancée, called The Teaching of Buddha) that I thought too good not to share: Once there was a rich widow who had a reputation for kindness, modesty and courtesy. She had a […]

Falling in love during CNY in Malaysia

Just came back not too long ago from Malaysia, after spending the night at my aunt’s Malaysian home. She had been urged by her Malaysian neighbours to return to Malaysia to see the firecrackers and fireworks — “Singapore’s too quiet!” her neighbours told her. The transition into the Lunar New […]

The Engagement Announcement

“What do I say??” I asked her in desperation. I looked across the table and there they were, looking quite indifferent to the food with which I had hoped would help bribe my way to an easy “yes.” I was here today, at the Peach Blossoms restaurant in the Marina […]

The Black Swan

My thinking has lately been a little inspired by The Black Swan, by Nicholas Taleb (author of another of my favourite books, Fooled by Randomness). The basic idea behind the Black Swan is that we cannot ignore improbable events (especially high-impact events), and that absence of proof does not mean […]

Living a RADical Life

I recently came across the (wonderful) essays of Paul Graham while searching for entrepreneurship material. Paul Graham (co-founder of Viaweb (aka Yahoo! Store), essayist, programmer and more) is a big believer in the idea of rapid application development (or at least a variant of it) (it’s also known in is […]

Will You Marry Me?

“What are you doing?” she asks, after being ignored for the past ten minutes. “Doing up a photo,” I say. “Of Arsene?” (Arsene’s my cat.) “Nope, I’m just doing up a photo.” And she leaves it at that, letting me be for what seems like five minutes. Then she hears […]


I’d heard that absence Made the heart grow fonder, but Never thought I’d think it to be so true; I’d always found it too corny and clichéd, But then… I met you. You’ll be back next week. The months, in hindsight, seem to Have just melted right away. But as […]

You are What You Read

Just before I got on the MRT, I reconsidered my choice of book once more. I always read on the train; but even though I had brought a book out, I had been mulling over that fact throughout the day that I had only brought out one book: John Grisham’s […]