The Engagement Announcement

“What do I say??” I asked her in desperation. I looked across the table and there they were, looking quite indifferent to the food with which I had hoped would help bribe my way to an easy “yes.”

I was here today, at the Peach Blossoms restaurant in the Marina Mandarin hotel, to ask for permission to wed the lovely girl beside me. Though I had already proposed, and she had said yes, it wasn’t official (at least according to her) until her parents approved.

I was also here today to celebrate my birthday. (Actually, this was a backup plan to avoid the awkwardness that would come after the announcement. The genius that was Li Shya thought this up. I was supposed to ask, and whatever the answer was, it would be quickly followed up by the bringing forth of the Swenson’s ice-cream cake and a birthday song.)

When the waiters had been told to bring the cake, and all we were doing was sitting around waiting for the used plates to be cleared and the cake to be brought to our table, I knew that this was the moment of truth. But then the moment passed, but I hadn’t quite made my move. “It’s too late,” I thought to myself.

“Do you think it’s too late?” I asked her.

“Do it now,” she said.

“But don’t you think,” I said, ” that it would be pretty bad if I was halfway through my announcement and they came with the cake? I think we should wait!”

And so we did. For a minute or so.

I glanced over at where the waiters were gathered. I sensed no movement.

“Are they going to bring it soon?” I asked her once more, but she had no reply as well. We both looked across at the the waiters, and waited. Then I said, “let’s do it.”

“Uncle, auntie, 我有话跟你们讲,” said I. [Translation: Uncle, auntie, I have something to tell you.]

And then I said it. (How did it go? Well, the fiancee would later tell me that her mom informed her that “your face turned red! And you spoke super fast!”) But that’s not the answer you wanted, was it?

Well, it was evident by the super, duper, wide smiles on their faces (parents + grandma, and probably her aunt who was out of my extremely narrow line of sight) that it was going to be a yes.

And it was.

We’re now officially engaged. Hooray!

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