An English Fetish: Jamie Teo

Project Slim

A couple of days ago I watched a show called “Project Slim” on Channel U (Singapore). I wasn’t particularly interested in watching it, just that it happened to show at that particular time, and nobody bothered quite enough to change the channel.

“Project Slim” is a variety show in Mandarin. Five minutes into the show, I figured since I was catching less than 50% of what they were saying, I had might as well look for other ways to entertain myself.

Jamie Teo

Asking myself “what is good about this show that I can understand?”, I came up with an answer: Jamie Teo. The beautiful hostess, Jamie, was crowned Miss Singapore Universe in 2001.

She has a figure I think many girls would die for, especially fitting for a host of this particular show, on which participants aim to lose weight and for a better figure.

But even her pretty face and slim frame wasn’t enough to keep me interested for long. I was distracted by the ever-increasing cold of the room, and my butt hurt from sitting too long.


Then the show started getting a little more interesting. They invited this hypnotherapist onto the show, to discuss the merits and uses of hypnotherapy. I’ve always had a soft spot for hypnosis, so I started paying attention.

After a brief discussion, the hypnotherapist was asked to do a demonstration. Jamie eagerly volunteered to be hypnotised. Beautiful girl… under hypnosis… now, this was getting interesting — and the room was suddenly a lot less cold.

The show suddenly cut to a scene showing the hypnotherapist holding Jamie’s hand and making her fall asleep within seconds. Going under the spell so quick? Strange. But I recalled watching other shows on hypnosis. In them, I learnt that hypnotists often “prime” their subjects before the filming begins, so all they need to do to get their subjects into a hypnotic state are simple actions like the snapping of fingers.

A Sceptical Look

As much as I like watching hypnosis at work, I am still largely sceptical. It is similar to me bringing my atheistic beliefs to church — as much as I want to believe there is a God, a part of me says God’s nonsense, and vice versa; and the thing is, I can’t help it.

Therefore as Jamie fell under the hypnotist’s spell, I looked out for tell-tale signs of acting. I watched her eyes, her eyelids to be exact, for flickering. If you notice, when one closes one’s eyes on purpose, as if to act asleep, it is often impossible to keep them from flickering. [Try it with somebody near you. Ask him or her to close his or her eyes, and see if they flicker.]

Natural Actress

Anyway, like all good actresses, her eyes didn’t flicker. I could see a little of the whites of her eyes, and she seemed natural enough. The thing that most convinced me though, came afterward. During the hypnosis, if you notice carefully, you can see liquid flowing out from her right nostril: not what her publicist would recommend her doing.

The hypnotist asked her a series of questions, mostly about her sleep patterns, like when she slept, what she did before sleeping, and why she did what she did before sleeping. It was on the last of these questions that Jamie woke up with a start.

The Awakening

As she shook herself out of her deep sleep, the hypnotherapist asked her how she felt.

“Scary… scary,” Jamie replied, “it feels like a deadweight has been lifted off me.” The latter part of her reply was probably said in response to the effect waking up had on her.

Anyway, remember that this was a show in Mandarin, not English. Her responses in the following minutes were made in English. And she suddenly looked and sounded so sincere, so vulnerable, it made me want to hold her tight and tell her everything was going to be alright.

Beautifaul, truly beautiful

I didn’t think much of her then, but was suddenly awakened to the beauty that lay within her.

I don’t know, but I think her use of English played a big part in my sudden infatuation with her. Like in the classic TV show The Addams Family, Gomez Addams suddenly gets all turned on when his wife, Moticia Addams speaks a word of french, I got all turned on when Jamie spoke English.

Give me Jamie Teo!

It is rare to get someone so effectively billingual, and so cute too. Give me more of Jamie Teo anyday, but in English, please. Thank you.

Photographs of Jamie Teo

Went scouting for some pictures of Jamie Teo over the internet. To say they are rare is an understatement. I managed to find some of her older Miss Singaopre photos, which can be found at this Chinese website. They’re really old, and I must say she looks a little different now.

It strikes me how un-glamourous she really looks. She is not the kind of lady you would expect to win in a beauty contest — she is pretty, but in a rather ordinary way.

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