Exam Results are Out

Ooh! The examination results are out! To think that they’d actually release the results early (this being Australia and all).

I did fairly well. Ok, I did WELL beyond what I had expected, and even better than last semester!

And it seems my friends did pretty well too, heh, so overall great for everyone!

I didn’t really put in as much “studying” effort this semester, and was actually trying to learn on a more, might I say, holistic level? In fact, this semester was supposed to be a sort of a break from the rigours of last semester! Who’d have known?

This is not to say I didn’t put in effort into my work. I did. But it was different.

Oh well, I don’t really know how to explain it, but woohoo! Congrats to all who did better than they expected (and those who hit their expectations!)

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