Rivercruise 2007

Went for some event called “Rivercruise” last week, organised by Currie Hall (UWA). There was some pretty wild dancing and drinking and having fun (and yes, I know fun’s relative).

I wasn’t intending to post any pictures, nor am I intending to, but here’s some links to it.

Wei Hao’s
River Cruise Set 1/2 (59 pictures)
River Cruise Set 2/2 (42 pictures)

River Cruise Set 1/1 (6 pictures)

One day some of these pictures are going to come back and haunt me.

“Mr. Lee, what do you think of those pictures published in the newspaper about you being groped during your university days?”

“I’ll just like to say that we all do stupid things. I was young then.”

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