Life Updates

I’ve been driving non-stop over the past few days. Oh ,and just two days ago I drove into Johor, my virgin attempt at driving in Malaysia! (lalala… like a virgin… for the very first time! lalala…)

Okay, please do ignore the reference to the Madonna song above, I’m trying to inject some slapstick humour into my site (I’m new to it, like a virgin (for the very first time! lalala…))


Right. Have been quite occupied running errands and catching up with people. But these will soon come to an end. There are only so many errands to run, and only that many people to catch up with. Thankfully boredom has never been a problem with me. I can entertain myself with books and computer scripting just as much as I can get entertained by guys and (especially) girls. Which says something about how entertaining the people I hang out with are, but I’d rather not go into the details.

I’m thinking of redoing My long awaited port to Drupal is still in the works, but somehow I just haven’t gotten that push to get started on it since I arrived in Singapore. For now, I’ll just stick with WordPress.


As always, I am as lost on love as I have always been. Perhaps even more so now. But I think when it comes to the affairs of the heart, que sera sera, whatever will be, will be. Worse-case scenario, I’ll just be the next George Clooney (at least I’ve got the looks and charm part down, ha!)

Well, that’s it. For now.

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