They had wanted to break him. They wished him to fall. Like Schrodinger's cat's precarious fate finally made certain by mere observation, it was as if when he found out what others had thought of him, his wave function collapsed. And though it might have gone either way, it went the way of blood. Who... Continue Reading →

Inuyasha MP3s

I came across this site with quite a number of Inuyasha MP3s, Inuyasha being one of my favourite Japenese Animes. Not all of the links work ("Bandwidth Exceeded" errors), but many do. There are some nice descriptions of the songs as well. I'd recommend the songs that feature "Kikyo". Her songs are some of the... Continue Reading →

How do you tell?

I was just wondering... how do you tell if a girl's interested in you? does she look at you funny? does she pretend to be looking for others when she's really looking for you? does she even act any differently at all? Thinking that introspection might lead me somewhere, I reversed the question... how do... Continue Reading →

On Not Knowing

I keep a journal. Some days, I find that what I write inside just begs to be published. And what do you know? I have edonn.com for that, heh. Here's some excerpts from my journal regarding my love life: I know that I've said that she doesn't matter anymore, especially on a romantic front, but... Continue Reading →

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