On Exams and Love

I’ve got one more paper tomorrow, and I’ll be flying back to Singapore after that (on Saturday). The studying mood’s gone, but yes, I know, that’s a poor excuse for not studying, so I’ll be studying still.

Many of the Currie Hall people have left already, either flying back to their home country or returning to their homes in other parts of Australia if they have one, having finished their exams earlier on. It’s getting pretty quiet.

Changes in people

One of the great things about finishing your exams later is that you get to see the pre- and post-exam changes in people. People who finish earlier are so busy relishing that fact that they don’t quite observe anything anymore so much as they participate in it. We, the pre-exam people, just look on and wonder when it’d be our turn.

How far to chase a girl?

Yesterday, a friend and I discussed about the topic of love, or more precisely, the topic of wooing a girl. He mentioned that when you’re in love, you do all sorts of things that, on hindsight (and not so much in love anymore), would look really silly to a casual observer. I agreed.

I have always thought that love was a really silly game. But yet, even as I thought that, I conceded that knowing human nature, I was not incapable of those kinds of behaviour; and that I, too, have had sleepless nights and loss of appetites due to the romancing of the heart.

Take today for instance, when I came back from breakfast a little earlier than I would have just to see if I could catch a glimpse of ______. It’s not that I’m in love with this particular person (and hence trying to woo her (or am I?)), as much as there’s just a feeling of wishing to see her. (and no, I didn’t manage to catch her today.) The amount of love here would be probably considered insignificant, and yet, it was significant enough to cause changes in behaviour.

It’s a disproportionately large amount of output (action) from so little input (thoughts).


This reminds me of an old joke I heard:

Q: Which is the strongest part of a person’s body?
A: The tongue. It can lift a woman with just a little flick!

3 thoughts on “On Exams and Love

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  1. Dearest Mr. Writer,

    I’m guessing you’re a guy cause all your writings are for a particular girl. But whatever the case, I love reading your writings esp the poems. Could you write more poems? ;p

    Is this a blog? If it is, i think this is the best blog I’ve ever read. I’ve never sat for more than an hour just to read about people’s feelings and their personal life but I don’t know what forces made me click on one of the titles and ‘pop’, your blog thingy came out and I actually read it.

    It’s really amazing how a man can express his thoughts into writings. Usually men just keep everything to themselves. But you give me a different perspective on how one should view a man and how much a man can love a woman.

    Nice. Good Job. Love it! JIA YOU!

    Yours sincerely,

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