The Spread and Potency of the H1N1 Virus

I read an article about how evolution may be able to explain the spread of the flu virus, and I must say that it does seem to make some sense: virus strains that kill their hosts quickly will not be able to spread as far and wide as those that simply make their hosts sick (allowing them greater opportunities to cough, sneeze, and/or secrete bodily fluids that aid in the spreading of the germs from one host to another).

The high mortality rate seen in Mexico was due to its being the origin (or close to) of the disease. The most potent strains killed their hosts quickly, while the less potent ones remained in their hosts who were then well enough to help carry and propagate the disease.

As an increasing number of people begin to get infected, reports are showing that the flu’s mortality rate is decreasing and may well become just another seasonal flu.

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