From Dawn to Dusk

If I married a girl called Dawn…

It is early morning. Phone rings.

“Hi, can I speak to Dawn please?” says she.

“Donn speaking,” says I.

“No, Dawn. I want to speak to Dawn.”

“Erm, yeah. Donn here.”

“No, Dawwwn,” stresses she.

“Oh, Dawwwn,” stresses I. “Hold on a minute please.”

Meanwhile, Dawn’s in the study.

“Dawn darling,” says I, “it’s your call.”

“What’s that dear?,” says her, “my call?”

Dawn stares out of the window. She seems deep in contemplation.

“Yes, darling” says I, rolling my eyes, “I think it’s Angela. She’s looking for Dawwwn.”

“Hmm… Dear?” says she.

“Yes?” says I.

“I’ve been thinking ’bout what you said last night regarding our names, the confusion and all that…” says she, “maybe I should change my name.”

“That would be most helpful darling. We can’t just go changing mine can we? We do have to think about.”

“Yes dear, I understand… I’ve decided on ‘Dusk’,” says she.

“Dusk? Dusk. I like that. Dusk darling. I love it. I’ll go inform Angela.”

“Thanks dear.”

I walk over to the phone.

“Hi, this Angela?” asks I.

“Yes. I’m looking for Dawn,” asks she.

“Yes, about that. Just like to inform you Dawn can’t come over to the phone right now. She’s busy.”

“Busy? Oh,” says she.

“She’s changing her name. Perhaps you could call tonight?” says I.


“Yes. You see, she’s changing her name from Dawn to Dusk.”

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