His Final Wish

A very interesting story about a dying boy and his final wish, taken from The Sun:

A dying boy aged 15 had his final wish granted by medics — to have sex once before he lost his battle with cancer.

The shy lad confided in a hospital nurse that he did not want to die a virgin.

A child psychologist was consulted — and gave the GO-AHEAD for the lad to visit a hooker.

Pals of the youngster held a whip-round to pay for the romp, which was kept secret from his parents.

Yesterday the psychologist involved revealed: “He was very, very happy — and only slightly disappointed that it was over so quickly.”

He added: “Quite clearly the law was broken. But of the people involved, most didn’t give a toss.”

The expert defended his decision as the case sparked an ethics storm in Australia.

He insisted the romp had been beneficial.

The doctor said: “People talk about a trip to Disneyland being therapeutic — what’s the difference? It was what he wanted.”

The sex outing was revealed after the psychologist told of the boy’s wish in a letter to an Aussie radio show.

The anonymous doctor claimed it was not the first such plea he had received.

And he said hospital staff themselves had wanted to pay for the treat — but were barred from doing so for ethical and legal reasons.

The boy, referred to as Jack, died last week.

The Sun Online – News: Lust wish of dying boy
freerepublic.com: Dying boy, 15, gets wish: losing virginity

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