Drupal or WordPress?

I’m having a little trouble concentrating on studying at the moment. Every time I open up one of my books and start reading about “Information Systems” and “Systems Development”, my hands start twitching uncontrollably and my mind goes wandering off into the land of websites and information technology.

I start thinking about all the potential applications I might develop and all the cool new web tools I might use.

Reading about CRM (Customer Relationship Marketing) and “Unique Customer Identifiers” with “integrated applications” brings me back to the debate I had with myself just before I switched from my own CMS (Content Management System) called Catherine Publisher, to the one I am using now, called WordPress.

That debate was on whether or not I was going to go for Drupal or WordPress. In the end, I guess you should know I went with WordPress, if for no other reason than that “theming” it was a much easier job, and the URLs were prettier (Drupal has a thing for “nodes”).

Now I’m thinking that I should give in to the IT Geek lying latent in my psyche, and ignore the aesthetics-loving designer within me that has emerged since my first procurement of a Mac. It’s a tough call to make, but I’m thinking that it’s time for a change.

WordPress has been all nice and good, but it doesn’t satisfy the geek cravings I have. Yet Drupal just makes me cringe at its blatant disrespect for user friendliness and aesthetics (although I must say Drupal 5.x does have a pretty decent default theme).

And I’m also thinking that having a blog really ought to mean that I should be spending more time writing and less time coding. But man, I can’t help it, I love coding too.


I think I’m simply interested in too many things.

And I guess, come to think of it (and if you realise in my previous personal and poem entries), in too many girls too.

Love, technology, design, writing, sports, money, reading => the list goes on.

I want the world.

3 thoughts on “Drupal or WordPress?

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  1. PS: I’ll be using default themes all the way till I either create another new theme or if I change to Drupal.

    I can’t stand using default themes, so this will force me to do something about it.

    Cool idea, eh? I’m so smart I scare myself sometimes.

  2. Hello Donn,

    Try Drupal. You’ll get addicted to it. 🙂

    Its themes are getting better and you can create a url the way you want! You don’t have to use ‘nodes’. All you have to do is activate the “Path” module, which comes with core.

    Good luck. You’ll love Drupal!

  3. Hi Emiliano, I think I just very well might! I haven’t had anyone try to sell me any system before haha. I just KNOW that I’d try Drupal once, just when I didn’t know… might as well be soon 🙂

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