Just as I clicked on the “Submit” button, a thought ran through my mind: does altruism really exist?

I was transferring funds from my bank to the Community Chest, my preferred charitable organisation (a preference years of playing Monopoly developed).

Why am I donating? was all I could think. But I did so anyway.

I couldn’t help shaking off the thought that I could well have been donating for selfish reasons. I was taught that you have to give to receive, and receiving was definitely something I liked.

Was this why I was donating? Or maybe it was because it has become a habit? I used to think about the poor, the sick, the disadvantaged, etc. whenever I donated my money. When I clicked “Submit”, I was essentially, not thinking very much at all.

Do the intentions of a donation matter? Or does what matter lie in the donation itself?

Whatever answer I finally subscribe to, I think I’ll just stick with giving for now. Who knows, I might inadvertently save a life, however indirectly, that may well save other lives in the future.

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