I’m Blessed

I’m currently undergoing one of the worst bouts of sickness I’d ever undergone in a long, long time. Fever, cough, a sorethroat so bad swollowing my own saliva feels like swollowing glass, a running nose, and to top it off, a body ache brought about by Sunday’s 10km trail run. I’m in ridiculous pain.

Thank goodness for a supportive family and our trusty Nissan Sunny. Thank you mom for the countless trips home from the MRT, which though were only 10 minutes walk away felt like a marathon in my condition. Thank you dad for the sudden inclination to go out to buy me cans of coconut juice and chrysanthmum tea; it helped me sleep much better at night.

And thank goodness for a wonderful fiancee who came down from Jurong the previous night armed with six bottles of “Three Arms Cooling Water”, a box of Strepsils, two cans of Coke and two cans of 100 Plus, and two blocks of some random Chinese medicinal sugar concotion.

I’m blessed, I know.

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