The New Balance Real Run

I went for the New Balance Real Run today, held at Sentosa. Having not had any running done for the past week, and little running done for the past few, I expected a poor run; thankfully the run wasn’t too bad, and I managed to complete it not disgracefully.

But probably an outcome of such hard running after a reasonably long lay-off from running is that I’m currently suffering from a general feeling of tiredness; as if all my energy’s been spent, and I’m but a slow moving shell of a me.

For the previous three months since I had returned from Brunei, I’ve managed to uphold a dedication to cover about 30km worth of run every week, until the past couple of weeks, where I’ve run 7km (the week before the last) and 0km (last week).

My body’s starting to show signs of sluggishness as well, both in the form of function and aesthetics. Of course, you might call this a step back after two steps forward.

So, not too bad overall, I guess…

Anyhow, on a different note. The muse still hasn’t really come back to me, so I’ll stick to writing commentary on my life for the time being.

Forgive the ego.

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  1. Okay, what I’ve realised is that the last couple of weeks of non-running has actually proved beneficial to my timings.

    In the New Balance Real Run, I achieved a timing of about 58 minutes. Though not quite that fast, it was faster than most of my comtemporaries, whom have trained before on the actual route. How important is this training? Quite important, I think, when you consider that almost a quarter of this run was run on sand and small trails (though of concrete, not soil).

    Yesterday I went for the 21km half marathon (organised by the Singapore Army/SAFRA). I ahieved my best half marathon timing ever, and it was probably in no small part thanks to the rest I’ve had these last few weeks.

    In lessening my running lately, I’ve actually inadvertently followed what many running experts called tapering off before big races. My runs were high volume, then significantly cut down before the 10km race (the NB Real Run), which preceded by a week the Army Half Marathon.

    All in all, a very good two weeks of racing, of which I achieved quite commendable timings.

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