Different, not good nor bad.

Today, I was going through Facebook and looking at the profiles of friends and friends-of-friends. Looking through some of the most bad boy/bad girl profiles, I couldn’t help but think what if?

In my mind I’m more good boy than bad. It could have been so different though. I remember when I was in Perth, especially the early days, how tempted I was to get a tattoo, have my ear pierced (or some other arbitrary part of my anatomy, really), smoke, or do any sorts of things bad boys did (granted, I’m sure some goods boy have done these things too).

But I didn’t.

But what if?

I’ve read it before in several difference places that you only regret the things you don’t do. One theory goes that not having done something, you tend to imagine countless possible outcomes that might have transpired if you did, and with the imagination being such a powerful thing, it hurts. Doing something (as opposed to not doing), on the other hand, let’s you know the outcome more or less right away.

Do I regret taking the good boy path? I’ll be honest here and tell you that I’ve got no damn clue. I like my good boy life and the pleasures it brings. It’s different that’s for sure, and not always that great — and who doesn’t envy once in a while those with more friends in high places or a more happening life? — but whether it’s good or bad I don’t think anyone’s in a position to say.

I remember back when I was in Poly thinking about the life-defining choices one has to make in life: marriage; education; career; that sort of thing. I used to wonder what it’d be like to make a decision only to regret it later on (perhaps a marriage to someone you deem as wrong (whatever that means)). Deliberating over this matter, and trying hard to solve this conundrum, I finally came to the decision that no matter what happens in life, I will refuse to think it either good nor bad.

Rather, it is different that I shall think it be.

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