Removing .Mac Sync Icon

I just updated my Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) to 10.5.2. What I noticed was that two new icons appeared in the menubar, namely one for (.Mac) Syncing and one for Time Machine.

Sync Icon in Mac OS 10.5.2

The removal of the Time Machine icon was straight-forward, the option being plainly obvious under the Time Machine tab in System Preferences.

What wasn’t so obvious, however, was the removal of the .Mac Syncing icon. As I do not use Apple’s .Mac service, I would rather not be reminded of it.

The removal of the icon can be found in the iSync application (which can be found via the Finder under Applications > iSync).

iSync Screen

Uncheck the checkbox that says “Show status in menu bar”, and the icon will be removed.

Update: For a quicker way of removing the icon(s), you can hold the Command key and drag the items off the menubar.

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