Before applying for a job, know what company it’s for

I came across (purely by chance) a job advertisement posted by a self-proclaimed SEO (search engine optimisation) company. Not having heard of it before and curious to know what it did, I did a quick search on the company hoping to find out more.

True to form, the company appeared first on the first search results page I landed on. (Though it really wasn’t all that surprising since the company’s name was a rather uncommon concatenation of words), the description showing up on Google was: A description for this result is not available because of this site’s robots.txt – learn more.


Not exactly as search engine friendly as you’d expect for a company specialising in “search engine optimisation”. I mean, this is really elementary stuff. Even more shocking? When I clicked on the link to the home page *woooooossshhhh* I was blasted to the past(!) with a flash intro.

Yup, you know those slideshow-like things where images fade in and out along with some promotional text saying they’re the best in the world or something like that. So 1999.

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