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Read Tim Ferriss’ Tool of Titans on the train yesterday evening on Jocko Willink. There was this thing about the #0445club, which after a late night of drinks seemed to me like an incredible idea I had to try. So this morning… #0445club A pity about the rain though. Had […]

Making Measurement Count

There’s a saying I’ve heard many times that goes something like this: what gets measured gets done. And though I completely agree with that saying, I think it misses a crucial point: that before measuring anything, we have to make sure that what’s getting done is what you want to […]

Beautiful cartoon on running

There’s a wonderful cartoon on running over at The Oatmeal. Beautiful as always, especially to this avid runner without a chance in hell of winning any running awards (“so why do it?” they ask — not quite understanding that I run for running’s sake. I just don’t get it, either).

IPPT Gold Revisited

The future missus said she was proud of me, and you know what? I’m plenty proud myself. So here’s the IPPT result slip that I still keep in my wallet to remind me that I’ve still got what it takes 🙂 I had made it a point to try to […]

Mistakes Weight-Watchers Make

An article appeared in today’s Mind Your Body section of The Straits Times which listed down a number of mistakes that weight-watchers make. Of the seven mistakes they listed, here are the ones I personally found worth highlighting: Weight watchers mistake #1: Underestimating how much you have eaten — the […]

Saucony Singapore Passion Run 2009

Today I ran an impossibly difficult 15km. An impossibly difficult 15km. Who would have thought? I’d always considered myself a runner (not a jogger, mind you), and one who was as serious about running as recreational runners got. 15km? It’s a short distance. 21km is a middle-distance run, and 42km […]

Conquering King’s Park!

For the first time in almost four months, I managed a lap around King’s Park today! I’ve been suffering from a knee injury for the past four months or so, possibly incurred after a round of football and probably made worse by me running through the pain days after that. […]

Army Made Me Fat

I’ve just had my breakfast: a slice of bread with an application of Heinz Sandwich Spread. After I had finished that slice of bread, I put away the loaf of bread, and placed the butter knife into the sink. Suddenly it dawned on me that compared to the time I […]