Simplification is approaching a new era. After the first of November, I’ll no longer be hosted by MediaTemple. As great as they’ve been these past couple of years, I’ve found that having your own domain and some web-space just doesn’t justify paying [as much as I am paying] right now.

I haven’t really been able to focus on creating anything using PHP and/or MySQL for the past two years. I’ve found other priorities, and, I’m starting to see that paying more for more features that I haven’t been using just in case I decide one day to start programming again is a very expensive insurance policy.

And so I’ve finally decided on a much cheaper alternative: that is to keep the domain name but use as my back-end. I’ll be forced to stick with ready-made templates, and flexibility with styling will most definitely go down quite a bit. But that’s okay. I don’t think any one who reads really notices anyway.

I can almost say that the only reason I’m keeping is because of the domain name. I like an e-mail address that has my name in it!

I suppose is like an old dog: a companion that doesn’t really do anything, but something you feel such attachment it goes beyond words. And though occasionally it may barf blood and make you worry and/or irritate, eventually it’s just something you don’t want to live without.

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